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Beno the Yoga  Bear
We all need him

With the 3D modeling of this here bear, the idea was born to teach him to do yoga, give him a fun personality and the name Beno.

Medo Beno is not just an ordinary bear; he is the ultimate role model for children, as he teaches them valuable life lessons with a rockstar morning routine. From doing affirmations to mastering yoga – Beno personifies friendliness, a super cool style and cunning personality. He give examples on how to make each day special with a smile.

Our script is written in such a way that we follow the storyline with Beno’s internal monologue: how to be aware and direct one’s thoughts in a positive direction.
He will also observe what emotions are triggered by certain situations and try to understand them.
Through an innovative scenario, we want to help children discover inner peace and strengthen their self-confidence. And yoga is a great way to achieve that goal!

A regular yoga practice can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, boost self-confidence and promote a more positive mindset.

This ancient practice combines postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation to help children develop physical strength, mobility, focus and relaxation. 
In addition to the physical benefits, yoga can also bring many positive changes in behavior and emotions to children. Yoga is also a great way to teach children about the importance of positive self-talk. During yoga practice, children learn to accept their bodies and minds as they are, and to focus on kindness and compassion towards themselves. And our bear Beno has all this in the little finger of his paw.
Beno is currently in development and it will take some time to animate and bring him to life and give him a bear voice and stature, a suitable lair and yoga area.

…can you even imagine that you start every day calmly, without stress and without being late? Although it seems impossible, we believe that it is possible by introducing a new routine, introduced to you by the super bear - Beno!

1  First and hardest part: set your alarm 15 minutes before you usualy wake up. If you can do this – you can do anything!

2 Still in your pijamas, you put on the Bena yoga bear vido and you follow along the mono-bear-logue.

3  Beno the bear guides you thrue the compact morning meditation, yoga sun salutation, super hero pose and affirmations and prepares you to face the day as a super hero.

We are currently in the stage where we have written the script for the first episode and have the first draft of the 3D model of Beno. We need to finish the 3D model, equip it with an animation control rig system, record the animations, apply and fix the animations, create his home/lair and yoga space, record his speech, create background music and package it all into his first premiere video. We plan to make a series of a total seven videos, for each day of the week with increasingly complex exercises, after we have established the main character and the setting. If this series turns out to be successful, then we could add new characters, locations and expand the story.

If you want to give your feedback, we will be grateful. We are happy to hear your opinion and ideas for improvements to determine if our idea is good and if you would like to watch such content. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about the progress of the project and to be invited to the first private internal premiere.



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