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Foto: Mateja Jordovič Potočnik - Maša Dobrina
Maša Dobrina

Maša Dobrina is a creative thinker, biomimicry enthusiast, and sound engineer with a Communication Science degree. Drawing on her expertise in coding, 3D modeling and sound engineering, Maša generates solution-oriented ideas that push the boundaries of what’s possible. She focuses on applying the concept of entropy reduction in nature’s engineering and design to develop innovative solutions for life’s challenges. As an entrepreneur, artist, sound engineer, and producer, Maša has a diverse skill set that allows her to approach challenges with a multidisciplinary perspective. Interested in exploring topics on AI, automation, machine learning, and creativity she is a technological optimist and a believer that mindful people use technology and less mindful people are used by technology’s owners.

Creative Goods is the name created upon the acquisition of the family company Mextra (Bojan Dobrina, s.p.), which worked for 30 years in the field of technical production of events. His grandfather before that was a turner and metal processor. Over the years, the range of knowledge and services has expanded and today we also offer a small mobile stage construction, lighting and sound design, which is our main activity. We offer all types of audio services, recording, and post-production processing of audio and video recordings, production and production of music trailers, sound effects for various theatrical and dance performances, and according to your wishes we also create an original sound image and music for your needs. Today, we also offer intellectual services, such as lectures on the topic of technical areas covered by our services.
Our mission is to tell stories that touch the heart, ask socially relevant questions, broaden horizons and cause the experience of positive catharsis, through which the heroes in the story grow, as well as those who listen to the story. We tell stories through audio-visual media and various intermedia projects. We strive to be distinguished by superior quality of services, honesty, perseverance and responsibility towards fellow human beings, animals and nature in solving challenges. All products found in our store are quality unique art products, produced with the least carbon footprint and impact on natural processes. PLA plastic is made from cornstarch and is biodegradable, and we also make sure that our packaging is as environmentally friendly and reusable as possible. With digital content, we also help to avoid the need for physical delivery and packaging, and customers still get the value they are looking for. But if not, let us tell us so that we improve. We are grateful to each of your responses.

All suffering comes from ignorance, solving technical issues more so. We try to suffer as little as possible and enjoy the creation process.


Because nothing good ever came from hate. Being kind and respectful, acknowledging beauty in art, nature, design and being a force for positivity. Serving the art forms with passion to the best of our ability and producing works that bring joyful experiences is the target.


No harm to the beautiful beings on this and other planets. We are a voice for justice, protection and preservation of the innocent, even if the wicked must be ignored.

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Name of Company: Creative Goods, Maša Dobrina, s. p. – owned by Maša Dobrina
Address 1: Janževa gora 7 B, 2352 Selnica ob Dravi, Slovenia
Address 2: Osterčeva ulica 1, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia
VAT Number: SI28467809
Registration Number: 8448531000
Contact information:
Telephone number: +386 (0) 40 745 568
Established in 2019.
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