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Altered perspectives
Interactive art installation

A ‘Sonic Jam’ with Žiga Pavlovič, based on an event from the gaming community where groups join for the first time and brainstorm for some days to produce a new collaborative work was organised at KIBLA PORTAL as part of Simon Whetham’s residency in October 2022. Joined by Monika Pocrnjić, Maša Dobrina and Valérie Wolf Gang we improvised with various pieces of obsolete technology and salvaged electronics, plus any spare materials at the PORTAL to develop a kinetic sound and light work. Maša and Simon took a back massager as our source of movement, suspending various lengths of aluminium pipe to it which struck each other and made a bell-like sound.

… change your perspective and see what happens next.

With Monika I then was able to use this sound to trigger some mains powered striplights, which lit in quite random ways – fitting with my aesthetic of working with systems that have a degree of imperfection in them. The resulting piece “Altered Perceptions” was exhibited as part of the KIBLIX festival – Love and Peace edition in November 2022 and in Cankarjev dom as part of the  Towards a Humane Technology exhibition the same year.

Altered Perspectives

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