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Sound-Light Wave Explorations

From the sound and light waves exploration series we present to you the project La LuPPoLa. 

Life, like a kaleidoscope, twists reflections into new perspectives, allows randomness to shape patterns, and lets coincidences emerge as hidden gems.

—is an audio-visual experience of waves, offering a mesmerizing journey into the realms of sound, silence, light and darkness through the use of obsolete electronic devices. 

This project seamlessly integrates discarded electronics and open source hardware to convey an immersive sound to light landscape. Synchronization of analog and digital elements is achieved through creative use of technology, providing proficient low powered devices  and visually intriguing kaleidoscopic perspective.  

The devices are poised to captivate, offering a sensory journey that blurs the lines between sound and light. This series engages to think about sustainable models for future creative ventures. The concept not only engages the senses but also challenges the traditional boundaries of spectatorship, transforming observers into active participants.

…Color is an inanimate matter. Or is it? Surely we can motorize it...

Disposable objects can be reintroduced as reflective devices of sound in space translated into light. When critical air pressure is achieved light distortion intensifies with the speed of the dome projecting an image reminiscent of an eye.

A kaleidoscopic-effect plastic dome with electronics in a plastic container reacts to sound and casts a colored landscape onto the wall. The code has a loop with colored patterns pre programmed to react when sound is present nearby.

Materials used: Obsolete electronic device parts from Kaleidoscope Lamp, Neopixel Led Ring, recycled oldschool microcontroller (Arduino Nano), sound sensor (aka. module microphone max 4446).


How light changes a dark space and transports you into a dreamy landscape. Imagine all that with sounds!

1 To activate the LuPPoLA you need to make a loud sound (make some noise, ladies and gentlemen).

2 During testing of the prototype, we had a handy large gong in the room. What a nice coincidence!

3 You you take all this (samples of video and audio) together and brew up a nice soundscape with synths and a bit of mystery. You can watch the final result on our Youtube channel. Ofcourse, you are welcome to subscribe for more looney toons in the future.


Experimental table with polarizing filters and other light devices.In this simple set-up, a work in progress is introduced to spectators through small devices. visitors are invited to use polarized filters who provide an intimate view into abstract color landscapes.

Materials used: Obsolete electronic device parts from mobile phone- polarizing filter, glass with reflective Mirror Film, mirror,  recycled oldschool microcontroller (Arduino Nano), Neopixel Led, mirror, sound sensor (aka. module microphone max 4446).


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