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2020 - COVID-19 edition
tuba, trombone, saxophone, pantaloons
Festival Lent 2020 - pozor korona
Tadej Toš stand up festival lent
Folklora Festivla lent 202
A festival that was organized with sovereignty this year despite the wordwide pandemic. We are grateful that we were once again able to be part of the story written by diligent organizers from the National Hall Maribor since 1986. This year, we were responsible for good sound of folkcore performances – Folkart,  in the venue Vetrinjski dvor, where theatre performances for children were held and stand up events later in the evenings for adults. We also provided live sound engineering services for concerts from the programme block, Attention, Music on the Streets, which brought jazz, chamber, reggae, afro, funk and rock music to Maribor’s visitors of the festival. The excellent music programme resonated in the Castle Square, Leon Štukelj Square and Main Square. Some of the artists that we mixed were:  Pantaloons, Raggalution, Nutty Blues Professors, Caffe Noisette, Dixie Shock Band, Just Friends Quartet, Cracked škafe, Jakob Kobal duo, and standupers like Tadej Toš, Aleš Novak, Uroš Kuzman, Perica Jerković. Lucija Ćirović, comedians from the Split scene, and all children’s theatre performances and musical performances.

National Hall Maribor, like all the years up to now, thank you for organizing this diverse festival and thanks  for choosing us to provide sound for the visitors.See you next year!

Grajski trg Festival Lent 2020
Just Friends Quartet Festival Lent 2020
Vetrinjski dvor - Festival Lent 2020
Vetrinjski dvor - Festival Lent 2020 -StandUp
Prismojeni profesorji bluza - Julijan Erič - Festival Lent 2020
Sankofa - Dalanda - Festival Lent 2020
Spovednica svete Maše - Festival Lent 2020 - Vetrinjski dvor
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