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Zveza prijateljev mladine Maribor

Zveza prijateljev mladine Maribor as every year for the Childresn’s Week organized activities for youn and “older” chlldren to play and have fun. We could engage in creative workshops, NGOs had presented their missions, there was a reading marathon, a Happy Baggy, sipping on non-alcholic coctails and children theater show from Pravljičarne, gledališča Ku-Kuc, Lutkovnega gledališča Maribor and a jumping party with Čarovnik Grega.

Our services were to set up the stage and take care of the sound for the theatre performances and that there was a nice musical background for the fun activities.

oder, ozvočenje, sound, stage
Občinstvo Glavni trg ozvočenje
oder teden otroka 2020 zvok sound creative goods
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