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ŽIČe Charterhouse
3D modeling of Cultural Heritage
Faza 1 -Žička Kartuzija modeliranje
PHASE 1: Modeling the church base according to plans.
Faza 1 -Žička Kartuzija modeliranje, cerkev notranjost
PHASE 2: Modeling the interier of the charterhouse. On the picture you can see the separate entrance for monks that had to be an secluded section when attending mass.
Faza 2 -Žička Kartuzija modeliranje, cerkev
FAZA 3: Dokončan 3D model pred namestitvijo tekstur in izdelavo končnega renderja.
Žička Kartuzija Model AR

After attending Ctr Art’s workshop, we created 3D models of buildings to enable the creation of an application that offers a virtual representation of what the Carthusian monastery looked like a millennium ago. Our work was to model the church according to the plans and historical records available. Each architectural art era left its own mark. This was a very interesting project and we are proud to be a part of it.
Buildings come to life – and monks, too!
Wen visitors take a tour of the Carthusian Charterhouse with Moverio smart glasses, in certain places they experience objects that are no longer there or are still present in the form of ruins, meet monks, the legend of the creation of the monastery comes to life before their eyes, and the entire tour is accompanied by audiorecords, which are otherwise also available to those visitors who go on display accompanied by audio guides.

“This allows visitors to visit the monastery independently, which can be perfectly adapted to their interests, wishes, the time they have at their disposal. Such tours offer an individual experience, a truly personal experience of peace and quiet, and the eloquent stories of the Žiče Charterhouse,” added Kangler.


The monastery complex is not only one of the most important medieval architecture of our territory, but also occupies an important place in the broader context of early Carthusian architecture. Photo: Žiče Charterhouse/Facebook


Žička Kartuzija - ruševine

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